Guys, the book is there! See pic number 4! There was some beautiful flowers! I bought her favorite flowers and left a cheque for the Aaliyah Memorial Fund. I also took a picture with a shirt of aaliyahalways design, it looks amazing! And with my new Jacket!
I just broke down in tears because I couldn’t leave her, I don’t know why but I’m like: “I want to stay close to her” I really can feel her presence with me when I’m there! So I stayed there untill almost 4PM, untill Ferncliff close its doors. The taxi man said to me when he saw my shirt: “Aww you’re gonna see Aaliyah. It’s crazy, a lot of people go to visit her, I’ve never seen that!”
To know that she receives all this love warmed my heart at a point you can’t imagine!!!!! Untill next time Lili and Michael.

This is amazing, because anyone who knows me, knows how important this is to me. Woke up to this this morning, from the beautiful Sabrina, who travelled from France to New York with something I put my heart, my tears and my all into and brought it to the person who motivates and inspires me the most. Can’t lie, this brought tears to a girls eyes.

I have some of the most amazing supporters who truly love what I do and know that I put every ounce of who I am into every piece I design. Every thought, every idea, is realized and appreciated by you guys.

Thank you Sab for such a beautiful picture, for such a beautiful gesture, and for such a beautiful way to start my day. I would love a High Resolution of this photo if possible so it can go right up on my wall of honor.